ディプロに男の子誕生!? でも面会できず?

ミスユニバースのトリニダード・トバゴ代表に男児誕生! この赤ちゃんがディプロの3人目の子どもじゃないかと複数メディアが報告。でもコロナウイルスのせいで会えないようです・・・

ミスユニバースのトリニダード・トバゴ代表の美女、ジェヴォン・キング(Jevon King)さんに男児が誕生。



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My son's are too young to understand the complexities of what's happening. But they aren't anxious and nervous like the rest of us. They live in a house with their grandmother who is the most vulnerable. I have been in contact with hundreds of people in the past four weeks… And I'm staying away from the house until I am cleared of the virus. This hurts because I miss them so much they are what makes me wake up every day and live and breath, they are my ultimate joy, but this is my sacrifice to make sure everyone around me is safe.. I haven't had this much time home in years, and I wanted to build Legos and watch movies with them.. But for now im just going to stay by the window and listen to them play drums and sing for me .. Think about others in every decision you make in the coming weeks. This isn't A drill.. We already have enough news from Italy Iran Korea and China about the best ways to slow this.. We need to be smart, going out and interacting with groups is canceled, but kindess is not canceled, Love is not canceled, empathy is not canceled. Happiness is not canceled… Stay strong for the ones who can't right now

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can’t tour so I gotta make it work

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