ディプロは、元祖スーパーモデルのナオミ・キャンベルを相手に絡み(って呼んじゃっていいんですかね?)つつ、自慢の肉体美を披露。ってもまあ、Dad Bod(おっちゃん体型)って自分で呼んでますけどね(笑)





When @calvinklein asked me to part of the new CK campaign I thought they got me confused with someone else .. I checked in with my agency @nextmodels (who's last request was for me to play Colonel Sanders in a KFC commercial) turns out it was real.. when I got to the shoot I saw @obj there and I swear he was wearing the same outfit from yesterday at my show in Las Vegas .. I thought well this can't be so hard .. (turns out obj doesn't need to sleep and still is physically fit..) then I think I saw @naomi but when I tried to say hi these guys in MIB suites erased my memory with one of this little sticks . Then @bethditto came by and gave me a hug and a kiss. She's so perfect, remembered me from going on tour years ago. In my dressing room I met @zyxzjs who played me some of his beats (they were actually better than mine) all this happened so quick I don't even remember getting oiled up on set .. I went home and thought it was a dream then I found this video of me getting oiled up on my phone so it turns out it was all real and my stock is finally going up #mycalvins #irl

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